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RTI Consulting is an experienced construction management team built with efficiency, sustainability and reliability in mind. Our construction management services specialize in project planning, budgeting, permitting, contract preparation and administration, construction oversight and more. Our team is committed to helping your projects be completed on time and within budget. Join us as we create and carry out innovative solutions in the construction industry.

General Approach 
We formulate a responsibility matrix so that lines of communication are known and information flows in an orderly and productive manner. Multiple projects can be easily managed as our Program/Senior Project Manager will work quickly to make sure that our team members are clear on the project requirements, their individual tasks and specific project responsibilities. Master construction schedules can be created to monitor multiple projects and assure focus is directed as needed. Our team’s unique blend of experience and strengths, including our approach to the process from concept to completion ensures efficient and smooth execution from project identification through construction completion. Key staff assigned in the development and pre-construction phase of the projects will be involved in varying degrees through completion in order to avoid a disruption in the flow of critical project information. The attention to detail that our team provides initially allows us to foresee issues with constructability, cost and schedule prior to reaching the construction phase. We work very diligently throughout the project to ensure that all team members (ours, the designers, the contractors, the Authority) have common goals and a complete understanding of the project expectations. This thorough understanding of the project parameters from conception through completion provides the Authority with the opportunity to reduce cost impacts to the project.

Management Work Plan
Our Work Plan is based on critical objectives and tasks to achieve successful project delivery.


Project Schedule     
  • Prepare master schedule and major milestones
  • Prepare strategic plan for all design activities
  • Determine project objectives, specific requirements and all issues that will affect planning and design

Project Cost
  • Develop pro forma financial analysis
  • Calculate project cash flow
  • Prepare budget estimates
  • Evaluate alternative systems
  • Define assumptions, qualifications, allowances and contingencies

Project Control
  • Analyze client needs and planning requirements
  • Expedite project site investigations
  • Processing of entitlements

Quality Control
  • Define project objectives
  • Define communication procedures
  • Define user input, review and approval process
  • Define design deliveries by phase

Planning Phase

Develop project objectives and analyze the client needs and planning requirements. Identify potential project issues and provide recommendations to the Authority. Analyze and develop the scope and critical milestones for the project. Develop a detail master schedule for evaluation and approval. Prepare a project total cost estimate to identify major cost categories and miscellaneous expenditures. Establish preliminary budget for planning Meet with the Authority to define project reporting requirements. Develop detail design schedule for schematic design development and construction document phases. Perform environmental impact study to determine the impact to the community traffic, noise, dust, etc and provide measure to mitigate environmental impact. Create a logistics plan for the project for traffic, staging and material deliveries in order to minimize disruption to nearby businesses.


Project Design Phase

Manage approvals from jurisdictional authorities * Design technical reviews, peer review, constructibility reviews * Work with design team to formulate opportunities for value engineering * Analysis of value engineering proposals * Preparations of cost estimates, cost analysis * Scheduling, conducting and documenting design meetings * Identify delivery methods best suited for the projects


Project Bid & Award Phase

Coordinate pre-bid conference/job walk * Review and answer pre-bid RFI’s * Prepare and develop RFP’s * Prepare and distribute Addenda * Review proposals for accuracy and develop scope comparison spreadsheets * Contractor selection and scope preparation for contracts


Construction Phase

Provide assistance in obtaining permits * Develop project schedule and requirements * Monitor submittal review process * Review and monitor project schedules * Establish milestone completion dates, material deliveries, test dates etc. * Maintain As-built drawings * Review contractor payment applications and make recommendations * Administer contract change orders * Coordination of construction progress meetings * Monitor contractors compliance with construction documents * Review and monitor RFI responses and impact to schedule and budget * Monitor compliance with established safety standards


Close Out Phase

Commissioning * Coordinate and obtain final approval from other agencies * Prepare move-in program including move schedule, relocation assistance, furniture coordination, telecommunication and computer coordination * Review as-built documents prepared by others * Assemble files, organize and turn in record documentation * Review warranties and operation and maintenance manuals * Test building systems components

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